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You've got questions, we've got answers. If we don't, please contact us.

Do I have to bring all my own supplies?

No! Your ticket fee covers the base supplies needed to make the selected project that month. This price may vary depending on the type of craft being made. A limited amount of additional craft supplies will be available for use as well, thanks to our sponsors. Bringing some extra flair is always recommended, but not required. Also, it is so fun to trade back and forth and share with other people.

Where and when do Crappy Craft Club meetings take place?

You can find us at very cool places that are fun to go to anyway! Currently you can find us the second Monday of every month at Happy Valley Arcade Bar in Beacon, NY. As we add additional events, they will be listed on the Events page of this site.

I have ticket to a Crappy Craft event, now what?

Just show up! Show us your ticket and we will give you your crafting materials. Find a seat, make some friends, and get crafting.

Can I wait until the day of the event to get tickets?

Technically... you can. But if not enough people sign up ahead of time, we have to cancel the event. Also - we use the ticket money to go out and get the craft supplies, so when the tickets sell early it gives us more time to shop. We love having more time to shop. Beyond all that, tickets can and will sell out. If you really want to craft with us, with highly recommend getting tickets as early as you can!

Is this club for "girls only"?

Absolutely not. Whatever your preferred gender identity, you are welcome at the Crappy Craft Club!

Is this club for adults only?

We know you want your kiddos to come craft, but like - they get to do crafts all the time! This club has the intention of creating childlike wonder for adults. We ask that you take what you've learned in craft club, and try those crafts at home with your kids. Also -- since this club is silly and for adults, we do expect some graphic imagery from time to time (that is probably not suited for little ones.) Use your best judgement.

What if I don't like the chosen project?

We're not offended. They are all pretty crappy! If you still want to craft, but not make the monthly project, you are more than welcome to join us but work on your own thing!

Do I have to clean up the mess I made?

Since our venues have been so gracious to let us host our events in their amazing spaces, we would love it if you attempt to keep the chaos to a minimum. We know craft materials can go everywhere, but as long as you don't get into a glitter fight (sorry we even gave you that idea), we should all be able to keep the mess to a minimum. The Crappy Craft staff is responsible for cleaning up after each event, but we hope you can do your part.

How long are the events?

Events start at 7pm and people tend to hang out anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. Currently our events are hosted at bars that are open pretty late. So, no, we will not kick you out if you still need time to finish your creation! There is always a lot of glitter to sweep up, so don't mind us if we start cleaning up a little bit while you are still working away.

Do y'all make money from hosting this?

Nope. We do this for fun! All the ticket money goes into the craft supplies. When craft supplies are leftover after an event, they remain in the arsenal and you'll notice them available at future events where they are applicable. All that being said, we do accept free drinks at events and donations of additional crafty materials.

Why did Crappy Craft night get canceled?!

When not enough people purchase tickets ahead of time, the event may get canceled. We lug A LOT of craft supplies to the event space, and sometimes we drive kinda far. We also purchase craft supplies in advance for everyone that has signed up. If there isn't enough interest, we know how to take a hint and will cancel the event until the following month. If you were one of the few lovely people that bought tickets, we will refund your entire ticket price.

What if I can't get there exactly at the start time?

If you have purchased a ticket, we will reserve your craft materials for you for the entirety of the event. You can jump right in whenever you arrive. If you cannot make the event at all for some reason, you can cancel your ticket up to 12 hours before the start time. In order to cancel you must contact us, and a refund will be issued.

Can my business collaborate on a project?

Yes, please! We would love to host an event for you, have an event at your space, or work with you on a themed craft project. You can also sponsor an event by providing a certain craft supply for members to use!

Can I submit my Crappy Craft project idea?

So much yes. Crappy Craft Club is a community! Please submit your idea via the contact page.

Can I get your number?

Nah. We actually don't have one - but you can email us at

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