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Our founder, Jenny, woke up from an accidental nap one day, and the idea of Crappy Craft Club was just.... there. It's been a hard few years for most people, and things get too heavy sometimes. Since this world is on fire and adulting sucks - let's all get together once a month, and do something fun and silly!

This is a relaxing, friendly, fun and inclusive craft event club for adults that gives us a reason to leave all our stress and responsibilities behind for a few short hours once a month.

How it Began


What to Expect

If you are like us; you've got a drawer full of stickers, googly eyes, glitter, paint and random things you plan on using "some day for something." Well, here is your reason to break it out. Even if you don't, we will bring plenty for everyone to play with.


(Pick One)

  • You love crafting... duh

  • You're bored

  • You don't want to take yourself so seriously all the time

  • You want to meet new people

  • You want to be friends with new people

  • You want to not be friends with new people

  • You need some time away from your kids, partner, or certain friends (we don't judge)

  • You're, like, really into glitter

  • You miss your childhood

  • You hoard craft supplies

  • You're free on Monday nights

  • You live within driving / walking distance

  • All your friends are doing it

  • It's healthier than drinking alone

  • Sports aren't for you

  • You want to try new things

  • You aren't afraid of a glue gun

Join us monthly for a different crappy craft project and lots of laughter.

Sure, the thing you make might not be crappy but the intention is:  WHO CARES?!


Our projects may wind up being super awesome, but they're not meant for you to create some #aesthetic thing you can give as a gift, or put on a pedestal. Quite the opposite, actually. We hope you wind up with something absolutely ridiculous, but when you see it, you smile because YOU love it and had so much fun making it, and even made some bonus new friends along the way. 

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